BCI for the Makers


It's not a secret any more that we have a couple of interesting shields that will be available very soon. While we are chipping away on our Sy-naps project, we managed to grab a little time to develop something for the community that we just felt was missing. We all know and love raspberry pi and we also have a soft spot for the Teensy ourselves too. We wanted to provide something for the tinkering types to play with.

Brain computer interfaces aren't easy to work with. There's just a huge barrier to entry. So we put together some of the things we've learnt along the way and decided to help by giving the jump start that can really get the (EEG) data flowing.

Our Shields provide a single channel of EEG from 3 Electrodes (1 signal, 1 reference and ground) and also provide power management, allowing you to power the unit with a lithium ion battery. We have even thrown in the ability to charge the battery through the shield... handy right?

More to come soon //Nathan